Financial Report Region 1


  Region 1 GAC facilities had a lower number (4.77) of FTE's per adjusted bed than the statewide average of 4.83. The GAC facilities in Region 1 also treated more resource intensive patients, as indicated by the case mix index of 1.27, compared to 1.17 for all GAC facilities in the state.


The return on equity for Region 1 GAC hospitals is slightly lower than the statewide average of 6.30%. Other facilities in Region 1 had a return on equity of 1.52%, compared to 7.27% for the state. The equity or net worth for all hospitals in Region 1 is $2,672,958,424, which accounts for 26.3% of the total net worth of all Pennsylvania hospitals.  


  The Age of Plant for GAC facilities in Region 1 is 8.54, lower than the statewide median of 9.06. Other than GAC facilities had a median of 7.63, compared to the statewide median of 8.42. In addition, Region 1 property, plant, and equipment has a value of $4,861,867,073, accounting for 26.7% of the statewide total.