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Harrisburg, PA - April 6, 2006 - All Pennsylvania HMOs performed better than the national HMO average in cholesterol screening after acute cardiovascular events, using beta blockers after heart attacks, and providing the recommended childhood immunizations, according to a new report by the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4). Pennsylvania HMOs also achieved higher member satisfaction rates than the national average, with 87% reporting no problems in receiving the care they felt they needed.

"While Pennsylvania HMOs, on average, improved their scores from the prior year in 11 of the 17 'Staying Healthy' categories, they performed better than the national average in 15 of these measures," said Marc P. Volavka, Executive Director of PHC4. "The two areas below the national average were advising smokers to quit and colorectal cancer screening."

Measuring the Quality of Pennsylvania's Commercial HMOs is PHC4's seventh report about the quality of care that HMO networks offer. The report, which includes data from Calendar Year 2004, combines clinical results, preventive measures and member satisfaction information to give purchasers, policymakers and consumers a more complete picture of how well HMOs serve their members.

According to 2004 member satisfaction surveys, Pennsylvania HMOs, on average, outperformed their national counterparts in all the member satisfaction measures for which a national average was available. Furthermore, over half the plans reported an increase from the prior year in the percent of plan members who gave their HMO the highest satisfaction rating.

Other findings:

PHC4 is an independent state agency charged with addressing the cost and quality of health care in Pennsylvania. Copies of the new report are free and are available on the PHC4 website at or by calling PHC4 at 717-232-6787.

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