Pennsylvania's Guide to Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery 2000 - Statewide Highlights

Measures such as mortality, readmissions, and length of stay are important components in evaluating quality of care for CABG surgery, and reporting these measures for hospitals and surgeons provides specific information that can be used in making health care decisions.

At the same time, a more general evaluation can shed light on how these and other measures play a role in CABG surgery. The following points summarize additional analyses conducted for this report. These findings represent preliminary steps in evaluating these types of relationships and require further study and evaluation.

Statewide Figures for CABG Surgery
In-Hospital mortality rate 2.4%
30-Day mortality rate 2.7%
7-Day readmission rate 6.2%
30-Day readmission rate 14.5%
Average post-sugical length of stay 5.8 days
Average hospital charge $59,939

Open Heart Surgery Volume for Hospitals and Surgeons

Surgeon Experience

The top five reasons patients were readmitted for a hospital after CABG surgery were:
Total charges for readmissions within 7 days and 30 days were over $25 million and $53 million, respectively.
Reason for Readmission Percent of Readmissions Within 7 days Percent of Readmissions Within 30 days
Heart Failure 20.5% 19.6%
Infections 18.0% 23.4%
Other surgical complications 11.50% 8.2%
Heart rhythm irregularities 9.9% 8.8%
Respiratory and chest symptoms 5.3% 5.6%

Length of Stay and Readmissions

The Number of Hospital Affiliations