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New PHC4 Reports Provide Insight into Hospitalizations and Ambulatory/Outpatient Cases for Pennsylvania Residents

News for Immediate Release April 18, 2024 Harrisburg – PHC4 released a new set of County-Level Utilization Reports today, which display the overall total number of inpatient hospitalizations and ambulatory/outpatient cases for Pennsylvania residents. The information reflects data from acute care, long-term acute care, rehabilitation, psychiatric, and specialty hospitals, as well as hospital outpatient departments […]

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New PHC4 Cancer Surgery Volume Report, Now Including Results for Ambulatory Surgery Centers as well as Hospitals  

News for Immediate Release  March 28, 2024 Harrisburg – For the first time, PHC4’s Cancer Surgery Volume Report includes ambulatory surgery center (ASC) data. This new report provides information about the number of surgeries performed at Pennsylvania hospitals and ASCs. The types of cancer surgery included are bladder, brain, breast, colon, esophagus, liver, lung, pancreas, […]

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January 2024 Newsletter

MAPPED 1.0 by PHC4 Launched in November 2023, MAPPED 1.0 by PHC4 is designed to help patients, legislators, and health care providers learn more about health care access in Pennsylvania. This innovative online resource provides an interactive map displaying hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers by facility type, owner, and location. It was designed to allow […]

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PHC4 Releases New County-Level Condition-Specific and Utilization Reports

News for Immediate Release January 23, 2024 Harrisburg – PHC4 has produced new County-Level Condition-Specific Reports and County-Level Utilization Reports using the most recent available data for the reported period. County-Level Condition-Specific Reports focus on several high interest conditions displaying county-specific rates of hospitalization for Pennsylvania residents from the four-quarter period beginning July 1, 2022, through […]

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PHC4, HAP Report Details Coronavirus Pandemic’s Impact

News for Immediate Release January 11, 2024 Harrisburg – The Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4), in collaboration with The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP), has released a new report examining how the coronavirus pandemic affected and changed Pennsylvania and its health care system. The report, COVID-19, The Impact on Health Care […]

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PHC4’s Hospital Performance Report Shows Improvement in Readmission Rates but Significant Increases in Mortality Across Pennsylvania

News for Immediate Release December 14, 2023 Harrisburg – PHC4’s annual Hospital Performance Report (HPR), released today, shows a statistically significant decrease in statewide 30-day readmission rates from federal fiscal year (FFY) 2017 to FFY 2022 in 10 of the 17 conditions reported. The largest decrease was in Heart Attack – Medical Management, where the […]

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PHC4 Releases Financial Analysis on the Overall Health of Pennsylvania Non-General Acute Care Hospitals

News for Immediate Release November 30, 2023 Harrisburg – PHC4 releases Financial Analysis 2022 Volume Three, a report focusing on Pennsylvania’s non-general acute care (GAC) hospitals. This includes rehabilitation hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, long-term acute care hospitals, and specialty hospitals. Barry D. Buckingham, PHC4’s Executive Director, believes this reporting provides beneficial insight to key stakeholders across […]

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Introducing MAPPED 1.0 by PHC4, Providing Insight into the Landscape of Healthcare in the Commonwealth

News for Immediate Release November 16, 2023 Harrisburg – MAPPED 1.0 by PHC4, provides insight into the landscape of healthcare across Pennsylvania.  This innovative online resource provides an interactive map displaying healthcare by facility type, owner, and location. “MAPPED 1.0 promises to empower stakeholders with an easy-to-use resource”, said PHC4’s Executive Director, Barry D. Buckingham.  […]

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November 2023 Newsletter

PHC4’s New Website PHC4 launched a new website in a user-friendly way, designed and dedicated for users to have easy access to health care information and health care data. The new consumer-driven platform was released on July 31, 2023 with the goal of reaching a wider consumer base. In addition to the new look, additional […]

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PHC4 Releases New County-Level Utilization Report, providing key data to Pennsylvania Stakeholders

News for Immediate Release November 2, 2023 Harrisburg – PHC4 has released a new County-Level Utilization Report, produced to supply essential data to support evidence-based decision-making and analysis. PHC4 produces a comprehensive set of County-Level Utilization Reports, quarterly, using the most recent available data. This report, which covers data from Quarter 1 of 2023 (January through […]

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