Cardiac Surgery in Pennsylvania 2008-2009 - Hospital and Surgeon Comments PDF Format

As a part of this public reporting process, hospitals and surgeons are given an opportunity to submit comments regarding their data. The comment process is intended as a means for hospitals and surgeons to provide general information about the published data or to summarize issues that they feel are important. These comments are not intended to dispute the accuracy of the data, nor to comment about individual hospitals or patients.

Allegheny General Hospital    Aria Health    Bornemann Cardiothoracic Associates (Daniel S. Woolley, MD, FACS)
Paul S. Brown, MD, FACS    Community Medical Center    Good Samaritan Hospital
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania    Lower Bucks Hospital    Pennsylvania Hospital

The comments are the opinions of the hospitals and surgeons that have submitted them, and are not the opinions of the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council.

It is important to PHC4 that hospitals and surgeons have adequate time to review their results prior to the public release of the information. As such, on March 23, 2011, PHC4 provided outcome results to each hospital in which surgeons performed cardiac surgery – eight weeks prior to the public release of the report on May 19, 2011. This information included detailed data about cases, number of deaths, and expected number of deaths (calculated after adjusting for patient risk).

PHC4 works with its Technical Advisory Group in ensuring the best possible risk-adjustment methodology. The risk-adjustment methodology in this report includes clinical data elements beyond the administrative data, such as laboratory test results, patient vital signs and medical history, imaging results, cardiac catheterization findings, and operative findings. Also, medical records are reviewed at the request of hospitals and surgeons for clinical criteria that indicate the presence of cardiogenic shock and acute renal failure in the immediate pre-operative period.

As part of its methodology, PHC4 excludes complex cases from the study. Such exclusions are identified in the results sent to hospitals well before the public release of the information.

PHC4 recognizes that reports such as these could have many audiences. While the public report is meant to be consumer friendly, showing an overall picture of performance, more detailed information including number of deaths and expected number of deaths can be found in downloadable databases alongside the report on PHC4’s website.

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