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    An Interactive Map Displaying Access to Care

    MAPPED shows where there is a lack of health care access for patients in different counties. This resource only includes hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). It also promotes transparency in who owns and operates these health care facilities. This map was designed to help patients, legislators, and health care providers learn more about the health care landscape of Pennsylvania.

    For Patients

    MAPPED shows the care available in your county. Insurance plans may have different costs based on a hospital’s or ASC’s owner. This information can help you make more informed care decisions.


    For Legislators

    MAPPED shows where there are gaps in access to care around the state. The health care landscape in Pennsylvania is changing. This resource helps you understand ownership across the state’s hospitals and ASCs.

    For Health Care Providers

    MAPPED shows what local hospitals and ASCs are available and who operates them. This information can help you promote more informed treatment decisions in your community.


    Using MAPPED 1.0

    Terms and definitions to help further understand this resource.

     Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC): Health care facilities focused on providing outpatient surgical care

     Hospital: An inpatient facility staffed by physicians on site that provides 24-hour care and diagnostic, pharmacy, and surgical treatment

     Health System: A group of health care organizations that are jointly owned or managed, which includes hospitals, ASCs, and/or insurance plans

     Independent: A hospital or ASC not associated with a larger organization or a for-profit investor

     Investor Owned: A hospital or ASC (or chain of these facilities) that is owned by a group of shareholders, all of whom own stock in it

     State Owned: A state hospital operated by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services



    About MAPPED 1.0

    PHC4 collected and verified ownership information from each of the 549 hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers in Pennsylvania. Each was labeled by owner type: health systems, investors, state entities, or independents.

    This map shows the location of each hospital or ASC and its ownership information. It also includes a bar graph showing the number of hospitals and ASCs owned by each health system.

    In some cases, a hospital or ASC is owned equally by two different operators. When this happens, we list it on the map twice, once under each operator. This doesn’t mean that there are two hospitals or ASCs with the same name. It’s meant to show that multiple operators are associated with that facility.


    Contact Us

    If you represent a hospital or ASC, you are welcome to submit a public comment. Send us a message at [email protected] and we will include your comment here.

    If you represent a hospital or ASC and want to report a change in ownership, location, etc., contact us at [email protected]. We’ll review that information within 10 business days of receipt and verification.


    A holistic review of ownership data and reporting will occur annually. This map was last updated as of 11/16/2023.

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