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News for Immediate Release

November 16, 2023

Harrisburg – MAPPED 1.0 by PHC4, provides insight into the landscape of healthcare across Pennsylvania.  This innovative online resource provides an interactive map displaying healthcare by facility type, owner, and location.

“MAPPED 1.0 promises to empower stakeholders with an easy-to-use resource”, said PHC4’s Executive Director, Barry D. Buckingham.  He went onto say, “Through MAPPED 1.0 we paint the picture of access to care for citizens, and other stakeholders in Pennsylvania.”

The MAPPED 1.0 Dashboard, which is customizable, displays hospital and ambulatory surgery center geographic locations across Pennsylvania. It does allow users to customize their view based on ownership, facility type, and/or facility name. Ownership types defined are state, health system, independent, and investment group.

This resource provides legislative value by illustrating the changing healthcare landscape in PA while highlighting where citizens are experiencing a hardship in accessing care. MAPPED 1.0 will provide patients and providers with the insight needed to see the care available in the areas where they live and work. This initiative supports PHC4’s commitment to transparency and its mission to produce fact-based data to support informed healthcare decisions. We welcome all stakeholders to explore MAPPED 1.0, at

PHC4 is an independent state agency formed under Pennsylvania statute (Act 89 of 1986, as amended by Act 15 of 2020) in order to address rapidly growing health care costs. The Council continues to produce comparative information about the most efficient and effective health care to individual consumers and group purchasers of health services. In addition, PHC4 produces information used to identify opportunities to contain costs and improve the quality of care delivered.

For more information, visit or view MAPPED 1.0 here.

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