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    What's In This Report

    Measuring the Quality of Pennsylvania’s Commercial HMOs is the third in an annual series of reports that examines the quality of care that HMOs in Pennsylvania provide. The report, which includes data from Calendar Year 2000, combines clinical results, preventive measures and member satisfaction information to give purchasers, policymakers and consumers a more complete picture of how well HMOs serve their members. Furthermore, in addition to the printed report, PHC4 has also developed an interactive database that contains more detailed information than what is in the printed report, and that allows users to customize and even trend PHC4’s Commercial HMO data for their own needs.

    Key Findings

    View the major takeaways from this report including key statistics, figures, and more.

    Additional Resources

    Learn more about the information included in this report through downloadable data sets, news releases, technical notes, and hospital comments.

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