Services & Data Requests - How To Submit A Data Request

Steps in requesting data from PHC4:

  1. Review the data available, data descriptions, time periods, and file layouts under Data Available. Data fees are listed under Data Price Structure.

  2. Determine the nature of your request.
  3. Determine client classification. PHC4 has several client classifications for the purpose of purchasing data:
  4. Download and complete the applicable PHC4 Data Requests Application, as listed below.

    Return the completed application to the following address or email it to:

    Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council
    Special Requests
    225 Market Street, Suite 400
    Harrisburg, PA 17101

  5. If you are requesting custom data, please submit a $75 non-refundable application fee with your application. The $75 deposit will be applied to the total cost of the request. Failure to include the $75 check with your application will delay the data request process. Please make checks out to the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council.

  6. PHC4 staff will review the request to determine if the data file can be prepared according to your specifications. If necessary, PHC4 will contact you and attempt to satisfy your request based on the availability of the data. Your request must then be approved by the Executive Director, and in some cases, the Council.

  7. A PHC4 analyst will produce the data file once it has been approved.

  8. A cost quote will be provided to the client and followed up with an invoice. Those requesting data are asked to wait until the invoice is received before sending payment.

  9. Completed data requests files will be shipped to clients after PHC4 receives full payment.

For more information contact Special Requests at .