Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council

is an independent state agency responsible for addressing the problem of escalating health costs, ensuring the quality of health care, and increasing access for all citizens regardless of ability to pay.

  • Knee and Hip Replacements
  • Hospitalizations for Overdose of Pain Medication and Heroin
  • Hospital Performance Report - 2014 Data
  • Readmissions for the Same Condition
  • PA's Super-Utilizers of Inpatient Hospital Care
  • PHC4 Data Used to Study Bleeding Disorders
  • Cardiac Surgery in Pennsylvania (Data: 2011-2012)

Annual Report 2015

2015 Annual Report cover

This is a comprehensive report on the agency’s reporting and data activities throughout the preceding year.

Financial Analysis 2014 - Volume Three - Non-General Acute Care Hospitals

Financial Analysis 2014, Volume Three, Non-General Acute Care Hospitals

This report includes statewide data and facility-specific information about the financial health of Pennsylvania’s non-general acute care hospitals. The report covers fiscal year 2014.

County Profiles – Hospital Admissions and Outpatient Procedures in FY2013

County Profiles – Hospital Admissions and Outpatient Procedures in FY2013

These county profiles localize inpatient admission and outpatient surgery data through county-level, population-based reports. The inpatient version includes information about the number of county residents admitted to Pennsylvania hospitals and where they went for treatment. The outpatient version focuses on 10 commonly performed outpatient procedures, including the number and rate for county residents.

Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery 2009-2012

Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery Report Cover

This report provides volume and in-hospital mortality data on pediatric and congenital heart surgeries performed in five children’s hospitals—four in Pennsylvania and one in Delaware—that volunteered to have their data publicly reported. Highlighted are results for nine widely performed surgeries meant to help patients and families make important treatment decisions. The report also shows the total number of operations performed by each hospital and separately reported outcomes for infants less than 31 days old. Data reported is for 2009-2012.