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    You Deserve to Know the Cost and Quality of Your Care

    We know a lot of factors go into your care decisions. And as a Pennsylvania citizen, there are protections in place to give you more transparency into your treatment. Our reports offer a well-rounded look at health care, taking into account things like patient safety and procedure costs to make sure you have all the information you need to make well-informed choices.

    Patient Safety

    Pennsylvania requires health care facilities to report on patient safety. This includes disclosing all serious events (events that harmed a patient) or incidents (events that could have potentially harmed a patient).

    Family Embracing

    Price Transparency

    Beginning January 1, 2021, every hospital in the U.S. is required to provide clear, accessible pricing information about the items and services they provide. This includes the standard charges for services like x-rays, outpatient visits, lab tests, and more. Hospitals also have to be transparent about the rates they negotiate with insurance companies and the discounted prices they’re willing to accept if you pay the hospital directly in cash.

    This pricing information needs to be available online and in a format you, as a consumer, can understand. Hospitals that don’t provide this information can face penalties. The goal is to make it easier for you to compare prices across hospitals and get a better sense of how much your care will cost—before you get a bill.

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