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Special Data Requests

Through the Special Requests unit, PHC4 offers custom and standard data files to help you collect and analyze the health care data you may need for health care studies or projects. Our analysts will work with you to meet your comprehensive health care data needs.

Visit the Purchase Customized Data section of PHC4’s website for more information about our data and services, or contact JoAnne Nelson, Manager of Special Requests at [email protected].

New Data Now Available:

Administrative & Revenue DataThird quarter 2023 inpatient and ambulatory/outpatient administrative and revenue data is available for purchase. Fourth quarter 2023 data is scheduled to be released July 2024.

Financial DataFiscal year 2022 hospital and ambulatory surgery center financial data is available for purchase. 


Contact JoAnne Nelson, Manager of Special Requests at [email protected].

Latest PHC4 Reports

Cancer Surgery Volume Report

PHC4 released a new Cancer Surgery Volume Report, which includes results based on July 2022 through June 2023 data, to help cancer patients and their families make decisions about cancer surgical care in Pennsylvania. Hospital-specific results are displayed in the report and show the number of cancer surgeries for bladder, brain, breast, colon, esophagus, liver, lung, pancreas, prostate, rectum, and stomach. New this year, the bladder, breast, and prostate cancer categories have been expanded to include both inpatient and outpatient surgeries for both hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to provide further insight into the changing landscape of health care in Pennsylvania.

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County-Level Health Care Reports

Information on specific health conditions and the utilization of health care services within each county are provided in public reports on PHC4’s website. Whether you are a health care professional, policymaker, researcher, or a concerned citizen, these reports supply essential data to support evidence-based decision-making and analysis within our local health care systems. We invite you to explore these reports to better understand key health care statistics in your area and contribute to the improvement of our state’s health care infrastructure.

County-Level Utilization Reports

PHC4’s County-Level Utilization Reports, which show the overall total number of inpatient hospitalizations and ambulatory/outpatient cases, have been updated with third quarter 2023 data. These reports display county-specific volume of cases for Pennsylvania residents by patient age, sex, and payer.  

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Social Ecological Contexts of Opioid Overdose and Hospitalizations in Pennsylvania

Dr. Jessica Frankeberger, postdoctoral fellow, Department of Pediatrics and Center for Better Beginnings at the University of California San Diego and Dr. Christina Mair, associate professor from the University of Pittsburgh, studied the Social Ecological Contexts of Opioid Overdose and Hospitalizations in Pennsylvania using Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment (PHC4) data combined with community data from other sources. The study was conducted to identify individual and community risk factors associated with increased susceptibility to postpartum death and hospitalizations among people with an opioid use disorder and aim to prevent further problems during the postpartum period. The structure of PHC4’s data allowed the research team to examine spatial patterns of delivery hospitalizations for patients with an opioid use disorder, at the zip code-level, over a period of four years, and assess the ecological and community factors associated with this geographic variation. 

Jessica Frankeberger, PhD, MPH

Christina Mair, PhD, MPH

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PHC4 is proud to receive guidance from a multi-disciplinary professional cohort. To learn more about PHC4’s depth of resource, explore our leadership and advisory groups.


PHC4’s council members help oversee and carry out our mission. There are executive committee members, as well as members who bring their years of medical, research, business, and policy experience to support PHC4 in our goal to help Pennsylvanians access quality health care.


The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) brings together professionals like physicians, biostatisticians, and health services researchers to respond to issues related to research methodology, statistical expertise, and risk-adjustment methods. They offer advice, contribute to methodological advancements, and ensure our reports stay on the cutting edge of health care information.


The Payment Data Advisory Group (PDAG) produces recommendations to the Council surrounding the collection of payment data, the analysis and manipulation of payment data, and the public reporting of payment data. The payment data advisory group includes technical experts and individuals knowledgeable in payment systems and claims data.

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Did you know…

PHC4 offers education to groups across the Commonwealth, as part of serving our mission. We recently had the opportunity to present to members of the PA House of Representatives, during an event sponsored by Republican Leader, Bryan Cutler. We welcome interested groups to reach out and learn more about all that PHC4 has to offer! Email us at [email protected]

Did you know…

On PHC4 social platforms we highlight leaders, post report releases, and share media from across the Commonwealth. Make sure you are following PHC4 on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay informed!

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