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    What's In This Report

    Information on specific health conditions and the utilization of healthcare services within each county are provided in the files below. Whether you are a healthcare professional, policymaker, researcher, or a concerned citizen, these reports supply essential data to support evidence-based decision-making and analysis within our local healthcare systems. We invite you to explore these reports to better understand key healthcare statistics in your area and contribute to the improvement of our state’s healthcare infrastructure.

    Information on the two types of reports is as follows:

    County-Level Condition-Specific Reports: These timely reports, based on a year of data, focus on several high interest conditions. Shown are county-specific rates of hospitalization for Pennsylvania residents. These reports cover both the calendar year and the state government fiscal year (comprising the period July through the subsequent June). Analysis was limited to Pennsylvania general acute care hospitals.

    County-Level Utilization Reports: These reports, updated every quarter, separately show the overall total number of inpatient hospitalizations and ambulatory/outpatient cases for Pennsylvania residents. County-specific results are displayed by patient age, sex, and payer.


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