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MAPPED 1.0 by PHC4

Launched in November 2023, MAPPED 1.0 by PHC4 is designed to help patients, legislators, and health care providers learn more about health care access in Pennsylvania. This innovative online resource provides an interactive map displaying hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers by facility type, owner, and location. It was designed to allow stakeholders to easily define where there are gaps in access to health care around the state and includes visual representation of key factors affecting Pennsylvania’s health care landscape.

Explore MAPPED 1.0 today. Click here to explore MAPPED 1.0.

Special Data Requests

New Data Now Available:

Administrative & Revenue DataSecond quarter 2023 inpatient and ambulatory/outpatient administrative and revenue data is available for purchase.

Financial DataFiscal year 2022 hospital and ambulatory surgery center financial data is available for purchase. 

What’s Next: Third quarter 2023 data is scheduled to be released April 2024.


Contact JoAnne Nelson, Manager of Special Requests at [email protected].

Contact PHC4’s Special Requests staff to purchase data for your health care projects. Our analysts will work with you to meet your comprehensive health care data needs. Visit the Purchase Customized Data section of PHC4’s website for more information about our data and services, or contact JoAnne Nelson, Manager of Special Requests at [email protected].

Latest PHC4 Reports

COVID-19, The Impact on Health Care in Pennsylvania

PHC4, in collaboration with the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP), released a new report that analyzes the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on health care in Pennsylvania. COVID-19, The Impact on Health Care in Pennsylvania examines the clinical and financial impacts of the pandemic over time. Details showing how Pennsylvania health care facilities responded to the pandemic and challenges they continue to experience are also included.

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Financial Analysis 2022 – Volume 3, Non-General Acute Care Hospitals

Statewide and facility-specific information about the financial health of Pennsylvania’s non-general acute care hospitals during fiscal year 2022 (FY22) are reported in PHC4’s Financial Analysis 2022 – Volume 3 report. Non-GAC hospitals include rehabilitation hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, long-term acute care hospitals, and specialty hospitals.

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Hospital Performance Report – 2022 Data

PHC4 released its annual Hospital Performance Report that provides information on general acute care and specialty general acute care hospitals’ performance for 17 common medical conditions during the period October 2021 through September 2022. This report includes hospital-specific case volume, ratings for in-hospital mortality and 30-day readmissions, and average hospital charges. Also highlighted are changes in statewide rates of mortality and readmissions.

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Click Here to Access all PHC4 Reports

County-Level Health Care Reports

Information on specific health conditions and the utilization of health care services within each county are provided in public reports on PHC4’s website. Whether you are a health care professional, policymaker, researcher, or a concerned citizen, these reports supply essential data to support evidence-based decision-making and analysis within our local health care systems. We invite you to explore these reports to better understand key health care statistics in your area and contribute to the improvement of our state’s health care infrastructure.

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County-Level Condition Specific Reports

PHC4’s County-Level Condition Specific Reports have been updated with new data covering the period July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023 (state fiscal year 2023). These timely reports focus on several high interest conditions and show county-specific rates of hospitalization for Pennsylvania residents. Analysis was limited to Pennsylvania general acute care hospitals.

County-Level Utilization Reports

PHC4’s County-Level Utilization Reports, which show the overall total number of inpatient hospitalizations and ambulatory/outpatient cases, have been updated with second quarter 2023 data. These reports display county-specific volume of cases for Pennsylvania residents by patient age, sex, and payer.

Case Study: Effects of the Pennsylvania Rural Health Model on Potentially Avoidable Utilization

Donald Bourne, MPH, MD-PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health used data from the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4) for his research dissertation study entitled, “Early Impacts of the Pennsylvania Rural Health Model on Potentially Avoidable Utilization.” Mr. Bourne expressed, “The Pennsylvania Rural Health Model (PARHM) is a payment model focused on the rural community. The model’s goals include improving financial health of rural hospitals, increasing access to high-quality care, improving population health outcomes, and reducing avoidable hospital expenditures. Our results show that PARHM moved the needle on reducing avoidable hospital expenditures for some groups of hospitals, but not all. It may be that a model as large in scope as this takes time for effects to mature, or the model may require changes in how it is structured.”

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Self-Pay Record Verification Process

PHC4 provides hospitals an opportunity to verify fiscal year 2022 self-pay records used by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services for the Extraordinary Expense Program of Pennsylvania’s Tobacco Settlement Act (Act 77 of 2001). Hospitals may verify records through February 9, 2024.

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