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News for Immediate Release

November 30, 2023

Harrisburg – PHC4 releases Financial Analysis 2022 Volume Three, a report focusing on Pennsylvania’s non-general acute care (GAC) hospitals. This includes rehabilitation hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, long-term acute care hospitals, and specialty hospitals.

Barry D. Buckingham, PHC4’s Executive Director, believes this reporting provides beneficial insight to key stakeholders across the Commonwealth. “Our analysis provides relevant insight into the financial health of non-GAC hospitals in the Commonwealth,” said Buckingham.    

  • During FY22, the operating margin for rehabilitation hospitals was 6.22%, psychiatric hospitals was 3.32%, long-term acute care hospitals was 0.39%, and specialty hospitals* was -12.47%.
  • During FY22, the total margin for rehabilitation hospitals was 4.43%, psychiatric hospitals was 3.13%, long-term acute care hospitals was -0.23%, and specialty hospitals was -7.65%.
  • As a group, the foregone dollar value of uncompensated care for non-GAC hospitals decreased 14.20%, or $2.5 million, from $17.7 million during FY21 to $15.1 million in FY22. Uncom­pensated care as a percent of net patient revenue in FY22 among the non-GAC hospitals ranged from 0.15% at long-term acute care hospitals to 1.11% at specialty hospitals.

* Specialty hospitals include three drug and alcohol hospitals and one transitional step-down hospital.

Financial Analysis 2022 Volume Three is the third in a three-part series of financial reports PHC4 publishes annually. Volume One, released in June 2023, focused on the financial health of GAC hospitals. Volume Two, released in September of 2023, focused on Ambulatory Surgery Centers. This series of financial reports provides patients, providers, and policymakers with fact-based, nonpartisan information which supports informed decision-making.

PHC4 is an independent state agency formed under Pennsylvania statute (Act 89 of 1986, as amended by Act 15 of 2020) in order to address rapidly growing health care costs. The Council continues to produce comparative information about the most efficient and effective health care to individual consumers and group purchasers of health services. In addition, PHC4 produces information used to identify opportunities to contain costs and improve the quality of care delivered. For more information, visit View the report summary and highlights here or view the full report here.

Media contact: Heather Nairn, Deputy Executive Director, PHC4 

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