Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council

is an independent state agency responsible for addressing the problem of escalating health costs, ensuring the quality of health care, and increasing access for all citizens regardless of ability to pay.

  • Pennsylvania Hospital Admissions for Diabetes
  • Hospital Performance Report - 2016 Data
  • Sepsis Hospitalizations in Pennsylvania
  • Hospitalizations for Opioid Overdose - 2016
  • PA’s “Super-Utilizers” of Hospital Care
  • Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery
  • Cardiac Surgery in Pennsylvania (January 2014 - March 2016)
  • Risk Factors Resulting in Readmissions for Hospitalized Patients with Diabetes in Pennsylvania
  • PHC4 30th Anniversary
  • PHC4 30th Anniversary
  • Neonatal and Maternal Hospitalizations Related to Substance Use
  • County Profiles - Hospital Admissions and Outpatient Procedures in FY2015

Annual Report 2016

2016 Annual Report Cover

This is a comprehensive report on the agency’s reporting and data activities throughout the preceding year.

Financial Analysis 2016 – Volume Three – Non-General Acute Care Hospitals New

Financial Analysis 2016 – Volume Three – Non-General Acute Care Hospitals Cover

This report includes statewide data and facility-specific information about the financial health of Pennsylvania’s non-general acute care hospitals. The report covers fiscal year 2016.

Spinal Fusions in Pennsylvania

Spinal Fusions in Pennsylvania Cover

This report includes hospital-specific complication and readmission ratings for spinal fusion. Statewide, about 3.3% of spinal fusion patients experienced an in-hospital complication and 2.3% were readmitted to the hospital for a complication.

Readmissions for the Same Condition

Readmissions for the Same Condition Cover

This report examines hospital-specific readmission rates for the same condition—information that can help identify potentially preventable readmissions. For the four conditions studied in this report, readmission rates for the same condition ranged from 3.6% to 8.4%. Almost 61,000 hospital days were associated with these readmissions.